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In Alberta a Realtor and their client often enter into an Agency agreement. This relationship has a lot of benefits for you, the consumer. However there are also other types of relationships.
The following is taken from the Real Estate Council of Alberta's (RECA) web site:

Relationship Options

Industry members are required to discuss the different types of relationships available. Depending on the one you chose, legal obligations for both parties will vary.

  • Common Law Agency – is a legal relationship established when two parties agree to have one party represent the other party or provide services on behalf of that party. This common law agency relationship exists between the client and the brokerage.
  • Designated Agency (a modification to common law agency) is when the agency relationship exists between you as the client and a designated industry member from a particular brokerage - not with the brokerage itself. The industry member you choose is your designated agent from that brokerage.
  • Customer Status – is when a consumer doesn’t want an agency relationship with an industry member or “real estate broker,” but still wants to work with them on a particular real estate transaction. The industry member has an obligation to act honestly and with reasonable care and skill, but wouldn’t owe you any fiduciary duties.
  • Transaction Brokerage – allows an agent to work with both the seller and buyer in the same transaction, while treating both clients in an even-handed, objective and impartial manner.

They must also review, complete and give you a copy of the Agency Relationships Guide . This guide highlights basic information about what you can expect and the responsibilities surrounding each relationship type. It provides information to assist you in choosing a relationship that works best for you.

Please also watch the video that RECA has developed to illustrate agency.

If you have any questions about Agency and my obligations and roles to be your Agent, please don't hesitate to ask me.